About Victoria

Victoria is a fibre artist that decided to breed heritage sheep to help her with her crafts, which includes spinning, rug hooking, needle felting, and knitting.

Victoria spent many summers with her Great Grammy Fields who taught her many of the traditional crafts that she is passionate about and wants to share with the you today. In Victoria’s words, "The best years of my life were spent with my elders."

About Our Home

Our home is a 200yr plus old farm house that was used as the first school house on Brier Island. It was also a dairy farm that provided the whole Island with milk, it was named Fundy Dairy. The floors may creak but it also reminds me of Great Grammy Field's place. Most of the features are original with modern upgrades.

About Our Farm

Our farm is geared for all ages to enjoy. How would you like to go to the chicken coup and gather eggs for breakfast? Now this is what we call farm fresh. You will smell cookies or muffins just being taken out of the oven just like at Nana’s.

You may never know what maybe happening here on the farm from lambs being born, to them needing bottle feeding, to baby chicks needing tending. Life is never boring. We promise you will not be disappointed in your stay with us! Come and experience your 5 senses, you will not be disappointed!