A Note from Victoria - July 11, 2021

Hi Everyone,

I have been holding off as long as I could on saying anything about our transition here at the farm/ B&B. I have been doing my fibre business well over 15 plus years 💕. Then we bought our beautiful farm and started a wonderful hands on fibre farm teaching what is was like. Man, I so love do this as it truly is in my blood, when I sit at my wheel it’s like she speaks to me. ❤️


Sorry I got off track a bit here, in the early spring we found a wonderful farm for our alpacas to go to as Raven was beginning to be too much for me and he needed more ladies, which he has now and he is in heaven 😂. Cocoa is in heaven as she seems to have taken over being the boss of this pack and Audrey, is Audrey, very laid back.


Now I will tell you this was difficult for me, but it was for the betterment of my animals and that has always been my goal. I always said when the day came that I couldn’t tend them and there were issues, I would do what was best for all!!!!!!!!! Many tears fell 😭😭😭.


Now it’s time. My sheep are going to a farm that is so close. All I have to do is cross one ferry and go see them. This is like the good Lord is saying, "I know how hard this is for you Vicki, so I will make this a bit easier."


I will still be able to get fibre from the sheep I raised and visit them. Now I have to trust.


Now the reasons behind this are #1 My husband is going through a medical situation and it’s taking up lots of doctor appointments, surgery and we don’t know what else. #2 As many of my hooker friends know, I have had health issues for many years and my doctor in Halifax has always been amazed at what I have been able to do. But it’s catching up and I need to rest more. Here’s the kicker, read this clearly... I just want to enjoy family, friends, my twins ♥️♥️ and my husband. My B&B gives us joy and we have done a bit of shuffling 😂. Floyd’s home to help me 💕💕💕. So for all the ones that ask do you have a husband? Lol, you will see him. 💕


PS we are having 2 lambs and a few chickens still here just for the summer. Now I didn’t write this for sympathy, I wrote this so you would have a heads up. I will still be doing spinning, needle felting and hooking. So no fears, I love my wool.

Brier Wood Farm

We are looking at 2021 in a new light, we want to inspire people to feel the love that our animals are willing to share in spending time with them. You will begin to feel a calmness like no other when you watch my sheep feed in the pasture or the lambs nurse or if you are here when we bottle feed, you will have time to be right in the feeding pen with my little ones. In 2020, I have experienced how they have kept me grounded through this time of upheaval with COVID... but I have also found the true meaning of being happy with oneself and my animals played a huge part in that, so I want to welcome you to my little piece of heaven. ❤️


Our Guests may roam the farm and see how Victoria works with her animals, she may even ask for a bit of help if needed. She will give you a spin around the farm, no pun intended! You will get to have a peek into her rug hooking studio, which is right here on the farm.


We raise South Down Babydoll sheep, we have crosses with a few Cotswolds and Romney, we have chickens, 4 barn cats and of course Bear (our lovable dog).


We do hope to see you this summer as we have many new things going on here, so give us a call or email.


Ta for now,


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